Meenatchi Fashions India (P) Ltd

      Meenatchi Fashions India Pvt. LTD., is the only company in India manufacturing exclusive western outfit for women.

       Products are promoted in the name of Tweeny(Tops,Denim Bottoms,Leggings)

   Making Tweeny Tops in various unique quality fabrics like single jersy,rib,inter locked,yarn dyed,pique and woven with and without lycra base

       Tweeny denim bottoms manufacturing with Arvind,Oswal and Siyaram's fabrics.

       Very stringent quality concious with our every process to give incredible quality products.

       Our basement is very strong in terms of financial and technical aspects and also believing in apply the updated technology in all our buisiness activity.

       Our quality is service through with our distributors to reach the products quickly to the retailers point for consumers requirement.

     The company believes that consumers and retailers are the back bones to evolve the brand each and every mile stone.